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We have a unique technology for Zebrafish breeding and in vitro reproduction:

  1. Development of the breeding and maintenance of Zebrafish technology, and their embryonic, larval and juvenile stages. This includes the critical water parameters for maintaining optimum quality for growth and reproduction, establishing a treatment protocol, monitoring and maintenance of stocks.
  2. Exclusive technology for the obtaining of large quantities of Zebrafish embryos, with a very high viability (>80%), synchronous development and without relying on natural spawning. We are able to synchronize the ovulation and spermiation through hormones (without dependence on circadian rhythms) and perform the in vitro fertilization, so that we achieve synchronize spawing.

Hormone induced spawning protocol in zebrafish  by ZF Biolabs

Advantages of Hormone Induced Spawning

  • Synchronize spawns with high fertility and viability (Embryos of same age)
  • Predictability control (ovulation and spermiation is reached on a selected predetermined time)
  • Aseptic fertilization
  • Avoids use of previous-to-test mold inhibitor chemical treatments
  • Ad libitum production