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Supply of Adults, Embryo and Larvae

ZF Biolabs can provide you with zebrafish embryos and larvae.

Home 3The setting and maintenance of a zebrafish facility is costly and sometimes is difficult to have the embryos in the numbers and quality required for your experiments. Save time and money! With the advantages of our advanced world leading embryo production technology we can supply embryos according to your needs of amount and time.

Moreover we are providers of wild type and AB type adults with a wide range of age.

Ready to Use Kits

Do it youself! Products and services_kits

If you want to make an experiment with Zebrafish embryos but you don’t want to waste too much time and energy you can use our kits. You won’t need to do external contract research; you won’t need new facilities not breeding the animals yourself.

Toxicity Assesments

We do your experiments for you!

The Zebrafish is an Products and services_testemerging model for toxicological studies because it represents the complex dynamic, interactive and multi-organ events that occur in the adult. ZF Biolabs has developed a series of advance in vivo toxicology bioassays using Zebrafish embryo as an alternative to rodent assays and cell culture.

Functional Genomic Studies (knock-down)


This study is based on the analysis of the loss of function of specific genes by the construction of a zebrafish with a temporary block of those genes (knock-down) by morpholinos microinjection.

A phenotypical study will be performed in order to check the genes loss of function.